About Green Burial
Green Burial is quickly becoming very popular! More and more cemeteries are making way for sections dedicated to green burial for their customers to have that option. Green Hills Cemetery in Asheville, North Carolina is one of the cemeteries that have two green burial areas. 

What people love about green burial is the peaceful way that either themselves or their loved ones are presented. Green burial does not allow for anything that is not natural and biodegradable; therefore there are no vaults, no embalming, no metal coffins, etc. The tranquility of the green burial allows for those buried in those areas to rest in peace.
Many people today are embracing the smallest personal ecological footprint. Woodland burials embrace the earth to earth philosophy. As a member of the National Green Burial Council, Green Hills Cemetery honors the balance of the land welcoming home a life well lived. In addition to our traditional burial practices, we support environmentally sustainable alternatives. Within our historic Cemetery, meadow and woodland glades where wildlife habitats abound, we have established areas that are logical choices for green burials. 

We are proud to be affiliated with local sustainable artisans and funeral director open to doing things differently. Whether you choose a hand built, local timber casket or a beautiful cotton,woolen or silk shroud, returning a loved one and a piece of land slowly to the natural forest is a gentle, spiritual process. Green Hills Cemetery stands ready to assist you in a burial celebrating life/death cycle.

For more information on
Green Burial visit www.greenburialcouncil.org